What is the HubSpot Academy, and How Can I Use It?

In a faster-than-ever-changing world of business and marketing, continuous professional development and upskilling have become indispensable. Adapting to the latest trends and acquiring new skills is paramount to staying competitive. This is where HubSpot Academy has established itself as an invaluable source of knowledge for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service beyond teaching HubSpot Marketing Software courses.

As a leading learning platform, HubSpot Academy empowers professionals across various domains to thrive. Learn how to capture the immense value of HubSpot Academy and discover how to leverage it to propel your knowledge and career forward.

What is HubSpot Academy

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Why does the HubSpot Academy matter?

  • Over 10 million learners have taken courses on HubSpot Academy. This is clear evidence of the widespread popularity and trustworthiness of HubSpot Academy as a go-to resource for individuals seeking to learn about inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. The significant number of course takers on HubSpot Academy is a testament to the content's exceptional quality and the learning platform's efficacy.

  • HubSpot Academy offers over 1,000 courses and certifications. This vast array of topics empowers learners to select the courses that align perfectly with their needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in marketing, HubSpot Academy offers free courses that will undoubtedly enhance your digital marketing skillset and propel your career to new heights.

  • The average learner completes ten courses on HubSpot Academy. This demonstrates the exceptional caliber of content offered by HubSpot Academy, which consistently captivates learners. The remarkable average completion rate of 10 courses attests to the immense value learners place on the content and their unwavering motivation to expand their knowledge further.

  • HubSpot Academy courses have been translated into 30 languages. By translating its classes into multiple languages, HubSpot Academy can reach learners from around the globe, making their learning resources accessible to a broader audience. HubSpot Academy is dedicated to ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from their educational content, and offering courses in different languages is a crucial strategy in achieving this objective.

  • Students rated HubSpot Academy courses 4.8 out of 5 stars. HubSpot Academy reviews like these (on G2) and learner satisfaction regarding the course quality are solid evidence of the learning platform's effectiveness and the exceptional quality of its content.

Why learn with HubSpot Academy?

Whether you're planning to launch an online business, aiming to progress in your career, or already using Hubspot CRM, there's an online course (or two) to help you improve your skills and achieve your objectives.

Why learn with HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy: An Overview

HubSpot Academy is a comprehensive online learning platform empowering professionals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in marketing, sales, and customer service supported by HubSpot. It offers a wide range of courses, certifications, and resources that cater to individuals at various stages of their careers.

The commitment to providing high-quality educational content is at the core of HubSpot Academy's mission. Courses are designed by industry experts, ensuring learners receive the most up-to-date and relevant information. The platform covers various topics, including inbound marketing courses, content creation, SEO, social media marketing, sales enablement, customer service courses, and more.

With an emphasis on practical application, the courses incorporate real-world examples, case studies, and interactive exercises, allowing learners to apply their knowledge and gain hands-on experience.

Additionally, HubSpot Academy offers certifications that validate an individual's expertise in specific areas. These certifications are recognized and respected within the industry, providing learners with a competitive edge in the job market.

If you take a bad marketer and give them marketing automation software, it's a productivity tool. It’s just going to make them worse faster.


We needed to first teach our customer how to be better at marketing, so that they could better use our software.


That is how HubSpot Academy started.


It began back in 2012 as a customer enablement and partner enablement channel. In 2013, we released the first inbound certification.


Eric Peters - HubSpot

With its user-friendly interface and global accessibility, HubSpot Academy enables professionals looking to grow at their own pace and tailor their learning experience to their needs and interests.

Navigating HubSpot Academy: Getting Started

To embark on your learning journey with HubSpot Academy, getting started is a breeze. Follow these steps to navigate the platform effectively and make the most of its resources:

HubSpot Academy access

  • Access the platform: Once you've created an account, log in to the HubSpot Academy platform. Familiarize yourself with the intuitive interface, which offers easy navigation and a seamless user experience.

  • Explore the course catalog: Dive into the extensive course catalog to discover various topics and learning paths. Browse different categories, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and more. Identify courses that align with your professional goals and interests.

  • Choose your learning path: HubSpot Academy offers curated learning paths that guide you through courses tailored to specific skill sets. Select a learning path that suits your career aspirations and follow the recommended course progression.

  • Earn certifications: HubSpot Academy certifications hold significant value in the industry. Explore the certification options available and identify the ones that align with your career objectives. Certifications validate your knowledge and showcase your expertise to potential employers or clients.

  • Use additional resources: HubSpot Academy provides various supplementary resources besides courses and certifications. These include blog articles, templates, webinars, and community forums. These resources can enhance your learning and help you stay up-to-date with industry trends.

By effectively navigating HubSpot Academy and leveraging its resources, you can develop valuable skills, gain industry-recognized certifications, and accelerate your professional growth. For those with bragging ambitions, HubSpot certification courses come with badges to showcase on your LinkedIn profile.

Now, let's dive into some specific areas of focus that you may want to upskill in. 

Leverage HubSpot Academy for Marketing

HubSpot Academy shines as a leading resource for marketing resources and learning materials. With a diverse range of courses tailored to different aspects of marketing, there are courses to suit the needs of marketing professionals on all levels. These courses will help improve your marketing skills and give you many practical insights into various marketing strategies and tactics.

These courses will help improve your marketing skills and give you many practical insights into various marketing strategies and tactics.

  • Inbound Marketing: This course teaches digital marketers how to attract, engage, and delight customers using inbound marketing strategies. With the available online training for inbound marketing, you'll learn everything you need to know about the inbound methodology and all about creating compelling content, optimizing your website for search engines, leveraging social media, and nurturing leads through the buyer's journey.

  • Content Marketing: Content is the backbone of successful marketing campaigns. This course equips you with the knowledge to create valuable, relevant, engaging content that drives results. You'll learn content creation techniques, content promotion strategies, how to measure content performance, and possibilities to leverage HubSpot Marketing Hub for Content Marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Understanding SEO is crucial for improving your website's visibility in search engines. This course teaches you the fundamentals of SEO, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and technical SEO. You'll gain the skills to optimize your website and increase organic traffic.

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms are powerful marketing tools. In this course, you'll discover how to build a solid social media presence, create engaging content, run effective ad campaigns, and measure social media ROI. You'll also learn about social media listening and community engagement.

HubSpot Academy for Marketing

As you progress through the courses, you'll acquire valuable professional skills and best practices to apply immediately to your marketing campaigns. From crafting compelling content to optimizing your website for better visibility and attracting, engaging, and delighting customers, you'll get exposure to the tools to develop effective marketing strategies.

The average learner's website traffic increases by 50% after implementing the SEO techniques they learned in HubSpot Academy courses.

Plus, HubSpot Academy seamlessly integrates with HubSpot's suite of marketing tools, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge directly within the platform. You can leverage HubSpot's CRM, Marketing Hub, content management system (CMS), email marketing, and automation tools to implement and measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Elevate  Success with HubSpot Academy for Sales

HubSpot Academy extends its expertise beyond marketing and offers courses dedicated to enhancing sales proficiency and HubSpot Sales Hub knowledge. HubSpot Academy training for sales sharpens your selling skills, helps you adapt to modern buyer behavior, and leads your sales team to success. Let's explore some fundamental courses:

  • Inbound Sales: This course revolutionizes your sales approach by aligning it with the needs and preferences of today's buyers. You'll learn how to build trust, identify prospects' pain points, provide valuable solutions, and close deals through a consultative and customer-centric sales process.

  • Sales Enablement: Sales enablement equips sales professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance performance. In this course, you'll discover how to develop adequate sales collateral, implement sales playbooks, leverage technology for sales productivity, and create a culture of continuous improvement within your sales organization.

  • Sales Management Training: For sales managers, this course focuses on developing the leadership skills needed to drive sales success. You'll learn to recruit and onboard top sales talent, set performance goals, provide effective coaching and feedback, and build a high-performing sales team.

HubSpot Academy for Sales

By completing these sales courses, you'll gain valuable insights into the modern sales landscape and acquire practical Sales techniques to engage and close deals effectively. Moreover, HubSpot Academy certifications in sales demonstrate your proficiency and commitment to excellence in sales practices.

The average learner receives 20% more leads after implementing the strategies they learned in HubSpot Academy courses.

Integrating HubSpot Academy with the HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM system further amplifies your sales effectiveness. You can leverage the CRM's robust features to manage and nurture leads, track customer interactions, and analyze sales performance. This integration streamlines your sales processes, enabling you to focus on building relationships and driving revenue.

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Excel with HubSpot Academy for Customer Service 

Exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of business success, and HubSpot offers a range of courses designed to elevate your customer service proficiency. Customer service professionals can deliver outstanding customer experiences and build lasting relationships by leveraging HubSpot Academy's resources. Here are some of HubSpot Academy's fundamental courses in customer service:

  • HubSpot Service Hub Software Training: This course leverages the  HubSpot Service Hub software to streamline customer service operations. You'll learn how to use ticketing systems, create knowledge bases, manage customer feedback, and provide efficient support through various communication channels.

  • Customer Service: The Customer Service Certification course equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional customer service. You'll learn best practices for handling customer inquiries, resolving issues, managing customer expectations, and building customer loyalty.

  • Conversational Marketing: Conversational marketing is an essential aspect of modern customer service. This course teaches you how to use chatbots, live chat, and conversational tools effectively to engage customers, provide real-time support, and drive personalized interactions throughout the customer journey.

By completing these customer service courses, you'll develop the expertise to deliver outstanding support, foster customer satisfaction, and retain loyal customers. HubSpot Academy certifications in customer service validate your mastery of customer-centric strategies and demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

The average learner is able to increase their customer satisfaction score by 10% by implementing the customer service techniques they learned in HubSpot Academy courses.


Integrating HubSpot Service Hub with HubSpot Operations Hub and CRM system enhances customer service capabilities. You can leverage the CRM's customer data to gain insights into customer preferences, track interactions, and provide personalized support. This integration enables you to build meaningful customer relationships and deliver targeted and tailored experiences.

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Maximizing the Benefits of HubSpot Academy

To make the most of your experience with HubSpot Academy, here are some tips and best practices to maximize the benefits:

  1. Set Clear Learning Goals: Before diving into courses, establish clear learning goals. Identify the specific skills or knowledge you want to acquire and the outcomes you aim to achieve. This will help you select the most relevant courses and stay focused throughout your learning journey.

  2. Plan Your Learning Path: HubSpot Academy offers various learning paths and certifications. Plan your learning path based on your career goals and interests. Follow a structured progression through courses and certifications to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

  3. Engage with the Community: HubSpot Academy has an active and supportive community of learners and experts. Engage with the community through forums, discussions, and networking opportunities. This allows you to learn from others, share insights, and expand your professional network.

  4. Apply Practical Knowledge: HubSpot Academy courses emphasize practical application. As you learn new concepts and strategies, apply them to real-world scenarios. Implement the knowledge gained from the courses in your marketing, sales, or customer service initiatives to experience firsthand the impact of your learnings.

  5. Stay Updated: Marketing, sales, and customer service are dynamic fields, constantly evolving with new trends and technologies. Stay updated with industry insights by regularly accessing HubSpot Academy's blog articles, webinars, and resources. This ensures you remain at the forefront of your profession and adapt to industry changes.

  6. Leverage Additional Resources: Besides courses and certifications, HubSpot Academy offers supplementary resources such as templates, tools, and case studies. Explore these resources to deepen your understanding, access practical tools, and gain inspiration for your projects.

  7. Track Your Progress: HubSpot Academy provides a progress-tracking feature, allowing you to monitor your completion status and achievements. Use this feature to track progress, set milestones, and celebrate accomplishments. It provides a sense of motivation and helps you stay committed to your learning goals.

  8. Collaborate and Share: Collaborate with colleagues or fellow learners to enhance your learning experience. Share insights, discuss course content, and work on group projects to foster a collaborative learning environment. This expands your knowledge and provides an opportunity for peer learning and collaboration.

With a proactive approach, you'll unlock your full potential and accelerate your professional growth through HubSpot's comprehensive resources and courses.

For additional help, training, and support, our certified and accredited consultants and HubSpot Certified Trainers are equipped to guide you through the ins and outs of HubSpot to ensure you maximize the benefits of HubSpot.

Contact us for personalized training or onboarding, tailored marketing and sales strategies, or ongoing support and optimization. You have a dedicated team guiding you every step of the way. 


HubSpot Services

HubSpot Academy FAQs:

Where can I get HubSpot training?

Some of the best HubSpot training is available on the HubSpot Academy. On-demand online courses, interactive sessions, and certifications.

Should you require personalized, dedicated HubSpot onboarding or familiarization boosters of HubSpot, please get in touch with our HubSpot practice to discuss your specific needs or to develop a customized plan.

What is the cost for HubSpot Academy?
There is no cost for using HubSpot Academy. HubSpot Academy is complimentary, free of charge.
What are the benefits of using HubSpot Academy?

There are many benefits to using HubSpot Academy, including:

  • Free: HubSpot Academy is completely free to use.
  • Comprehensive: HubSpot Academy offers a wide range of courses on various topics.
  • Up-to-date: HubSpot Academy's courses are constantly updated to reflect the latest trends in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Interactive: HubSpot Academy's courses are interactive, so you can learn by doing.
How long does it take to complete a HubSpot Academy course?
The amount of time it takes to complete a HubSpot Academy course varies depending on the course. Some courses can be completed in a few hours, while others may take several weeks.
How do I get certified by HubSpot Academy?

To get certified by HubSpot Academy, you must complete a series of courses and pass an exam. The multiple-choice exams cover the material you learned in the courses.

HubSpot Academy certifications are for individuals and tell the market what type of knowledge a person has. 

HubSpot has generally available certifications and ones available for partners and providers only.

Specialist courses might require approvals and manual validation by HubSpot Academy resources.

What are the benefits of being certified by HubSpot Academy?

There are numerous benefits to being certified by HubSpot Academy, including:

  • Increased credibility: Being certified by HubSpot Academy shows you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Better job prospects: Being certified by HubSpot Academy can help you get a job or promotion in marketing, sales, customer service, or revenue operations.
What can I do with my certificates?

Many HubSpot Academy graduates post or mention certificates in their resumes and on social platforms like LinkedIn.

You can take certifications with you when changing portals or employers.

What is a HubSpot accreditation?

HubSpot Academy does currently not provide Accreditations to end users.

HubSpot accreditations are for solutions partner organizations that support the success of HubSpot customers at the highest levels of quality, service, and strategic insight. 

Organizations must demonstrate the expertise, capacity, and practical experience to serve customers with complex technical and business needs.

Accreditations are more rigorous than certifications — they have a set of prerequisites and often require a practical application, like a role-play exercise.

Aspiration Marketing is a certified and accredited partner for HubSpot Onboarding  

Do I have to be a customer to use HubSpot Academy?

No, HubSpot Academy is a free resource for anyone.

Should you have questions, are interested in picking a suitable solution for your business, or are looking to become a customer, don't hesitate to reach out!

Do HubSpot certifications expire?
Unless otherwise specified, all certification badges expire one year from the end of the month following when they were granted. Certification participants must renew their certification status on or before this expiration to retain access to the certification badge.
Can I change the name or email on my certification badge?

Yes, you can change the name on your certification badge by changing the name in your HubSpot account profile by following these instructions.

The one exception is the Solutions Partner Certification. When you are awarded the Solutions Partner Certification, the badge will reflect the organization and is not transferable.

Go to Profile Drop Down > HubSpot Academy > My team to transfer certificates to a new email address. Under your name, click Manage certificates and follow the process. 


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