What is the HubSpot Sales Hub, and How Can I Use It?

In today's competitive business landscape, Business Development and Sales teams face numerous challenges regarding lead nurturing and conversions, growing a sales pipeline, and managing quota attainment, forecasting, and sales performance tracking. That's where HubSpot Sales Hub comes in. 

With its robust features and tailored solutions, Sales Hub equips Sales Teams with the tools to convert leads effectively, collaborate with prospects and internal team members, and track sales performance. Here's everything you need to know to start with HubSpot Sales Hub. 

We will keep updating this post as more information becomes available on HubSpot's acquisition and increasing integration of Clearbit, the leading Data Enrichment platform.

What is the HubSpot Sales Hub

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Common Sales Challenges

Identifying and Prioritizing Leads

Managers often need help with the overwhelming task of identifying and prioritizing leads. The sheer volume of potential prospects can make it difficult to focus on the most promising opportunities, identify buyer personas, and assign internal team members. Without an effective system, valuable leads can be missed or mishandled, leading to lost revenue and missed growth opportunities.

Communication and Collaboration Gaps

Aligning marketing and sales teams is an ongoing challenge for sales and marketing managers. Communication gaps and misalignment between departments can result in a lack of coordination, conflicting messaging, and missed opportunities for cross-selling or upselling. Smooth and effective collaboration between teams is crucial for ensuring a seamless customer experience and maximizing the potential of each lead.

Tracking and Reporting Sales Performance

Accurate sales performance tracking and reporting are essential for sales managers to make data-driven decisions. However, managing and analyzing sales data can take time and effort. Without proper mechanisms and robust reporting tools, sales managers may struggle to gain insights into their team's performance, identify improvement areas and coaching opportunities, and measure effectiveness.

There's a powerful solution to help sales managers overcome these challenges: HubSpot Sales Hub. The platform streamlines lead management, enhances collaboration, and tracks in-depth sales performance. With HubSpot Sales Hub, sales managers can tackle these hurdles head-on and drive success in their sales processes. Let's look at what sets Sales Hub apart.

Introducing HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a product bundle on the robust HubSpot platform designed to support Sales processes. With its powerful Sales features and functionalities, Sales Hub caters to sales teams' diverse needs and requirements. 

One of the standout aspects of HubSpot Sales Hub is its tiered structure, offering options such as Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. From essential lead management to advanced sales automation and comprehensive reporting, Sales Hub equips sales managers with the tools to streamline their sales efforts and drive revenue growth.

  • Free Tier: The Free tier of HubSpot Sales Hub is a great starting point for sales managers exploring basic sales functionalities. It includes contact and lead management, email tracking, and limited reporting capabilities. Although it has some limitations, it provides a valuable introduction to the power of HubSpot's sales tools.

  • Sales Hub Starter: HubSpot Sales Starter offers additional features, making it an ideal choice for sales managers who want to take their sales efforts to the next level. It includes enhanced contact and lead management capabilities, email automation, task automation, and more. With the Starter tier, sales managers can streamline their sales processes and improve efficiency.

  • Sales Hub Pro: The Pro tier of HubSpot Sales Hub is for sales managers seeking advanced sales functionalities and comprehensive reporting capabilities. It offers advanced lead management, sales automation with HubSpot email sequences, document tracking, and customizable reporting. This tier enables sales managers to gain deeper insights into their sales performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

  • Sales Hub Enterprise: The HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise tier is its most robust offering, providing advanced features for large-scale businesses with complex sales processes. It includes all the functionalities of the lower tiers, along with additional features like advanced permissions, call transcription, predictive lead scoring, and custom event automation. The Enterprise tier empowers sales managers to handle sophisticated sales operations and effectively scale their businesses. As with all enterprise-level hubs, it opens the door to access HubSpot Custom Objects

Essential sales tools to shorten sales cycles and improve close rates.
 Includes Free tools with increased limits plus:

  • Multiple currencies
  • Calling SDK
  • Payments
  • Conversation routing
  • Simple automation
  • Repeating tasks and task queues

Comprehensive sales software to automate and scale your sales processes.

Includes Starter functionality plus:

  • Playbooks
  • e-Signature
  • ABM tools and automation
  • Forecasting
  • Sequences
  • Product library


Aspiration Marketing customers are not required to obtain a "Mandatory Onboarding" program from HubSpot. 

HubSpot's most powerful sales software for advanced control and flexibility.

Includes Professional functionality plus:

  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Conversation intelligence
  • Custom objects
  • Recurring revenue tracking
  • Advanced permissions

Aspiration Marketing customers are not required to obtain a "Mandatory Onboarding" program from HubSpot.

By offering these distinct tiers, HubSpot Sales Hub ensures that sales managers can choose the level of functionality that aligns with their specific needs and budget. Whether starting small or looking for enterprise-grade solutions, HubSpot Sales Hub has the tools to support sales managers in overcoming sales challenges and driving revenue growth.

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Sales Hub Onboarding

HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to support your marketing efforts. However, navigating these interconnected hubs and maximizing their functionalities can be challenging without proper familiarization and onboarding.

HubSpot onboarding is mandatory for certain subscriptions to ensure businesses receive the guidance and support necessary to successfully implement and adopt the platform. While onboarding is not mandatory for all subscriptions, we highly recommend it for businesses of all sizes and industries. HubSpot waives the mandatory onboarding requirement when working with a certified Solutions Partner. By going through the onboarding process, companies can avoid common pitfalls, accelerate their learning curve, and achieve faster ROI on their HubSpot investment.

Sales Hub Pro and Enterprise Subscriptions require onboarding.

HubSpot offers additional, non-mandatory onboarding for Sales Hub Starter starter subscriptions.

You can contract onboarding directly with HubSpot. HubSpot increasingly uses onboarding-accredited Solutions Partner resources to deliver the onboarding to its customers. 

Aspiration Marketing provides customized onboarding solutions for these and additional hubs.

Key Features and Functions of HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a wide range of critical features and functions across its different tiers, addressing the specific needs of sales managers and their sales teams. Let's explore the essential features that make HubSpot Sales Hub a game-changer for streamlining sales processes and driving revenue growth.

1. Contact and Lead Management

Efficiently managing contacts and leads is vital for sales managers. HubSpot Sales Hub provides a centralized database where sales managers can store and organize all their contacts and leads. This feature includes capturing lead information, tracking interactions, and assigning lead scores based on engagement and behavior. 

HubSpot Sales Hub users generate an average of 20% more leads per month.

With robust segmentation and filtering capabilities, sales managers can easily categorize contacts and leads, allowing personalized and targeted communication.

2. Email Tracking and Automation

Email communication plays a significant role in the sales process. HubSpot Sales Hub offers email tracking functionality, enabling sales managers to know when a recipient opens their email or clicks on a link. This valuable insight helps gauge the effectiveness of email campaigns and allows for timely follow-ups. 

Additionally, Sales Hub provides email automation features, allowing sales managers to create email templates, schedule automated email sequences, and personalize emails at scale. By automating repetitive tasks and ensuring timely follow-ups, team members can nurture leads efficiently and increase their chances of conversion.

3. Sales Analytics and Reporting

Measuring sales performance is crucial for sales managers to make data-driven decisions. HubSpot Sales Hub equips sales managers with robust reporting capabilities, offering insightful analytics and customizable dashboards. They can track key metrics such as lead conversion rates, deal progress, revenue generated, and sales team performance. 

HubSpot Sales Hub users close an average of 11% more deals than non-users.

Sales Hub also provides real-time notifications, informing sales managers about critical sales activities. By leveraging these analytics and reporting features, sales managers can identify trends, evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies, and optimize their approach to drive better results.

4. Sales Automation and Productivity

HubSpot Sales Hub streamlines sales processes through automation and productivity-enhancing features. Sales teams can automate meeting scheduling, follow-up reminders, and data entry. By automating these repetitive tasks, sales managers can save time and focus on high-value activities. 

HubSpot Sales Hub users save an average of 10 hours per week on administrative tasks.

Additionally, Sales Hub offers tools for task management, enabling sales managers to prioritize and assign tasks to team members, ensuring everyone stays on track and deadlines are met. The document tracking feature allows sales managers to gain insights into how recipients interact with shared documents, such as proposals or contracts, aiding in negotiation and closing deals more effectively.

The Prospecting tool provides an effective dashboard for Business Development or Inside Sales team members to focus on the tasks in the early stages of the sales process.


5. Sales Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration and communication between marketing and sales teams are crucial for success. HubSpot Sales Hub provides a unified platform where sales managers and teams can collaborate seamlessly. Through features like team email, internal notes, and deal tracking, sales managers can align efforts with the sales team, ensuring a unified approach to lead nurturing and conversion.

The ability to share valuable insights and updates within the platform enhances transparency, reduces miscommunication, and promotes efficient teamwork.

Sales Playbooks and Coaching Playlists allow you to templatize winning approaches and coach team members for success.

The HubSpot mobile CRM app allows you to check things on the go.

6. Sales Forecasting and Deal Management

Accurate sales forecasting helps you plan and strategize effectively. HubSpot Sales Hub offers tools for sales forecasting, allowing sales managers to analyze historical data, deal stages, conversion rates, and quota attainment. These features empower sales managers to make informed decisions, set realistic targets, and allocate resources accordingly. 

Additionally, Sales Hub provides deal management features, enabling sales managers to create and track deals, define sales processes, update deal stages, and collaborate with sales representatives throughout the sales process. This level of visibility ensures sales managers have a comprehensive overview of their pipeline and can proactively identify potential bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement.

If you look to Execute ABM with HubSpot, the Sales Hub is an exceptional platform for Account-Based Marketing strategies on its Professional and Enterprise level and offers out-of-the-box features that help implement the strategy.


7. Integrations and Customization

HubSpot Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with other HubSpot Hubs, such as CRM, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub, creating a unified ecosystem for all customer-facing teams. Additionally, through its extensive portfolio of third-party tools and applications, Sales Hub offers integration with email, video, and telephony solutions, E-Signature providers, and e-commerce platforms, expanding its functionality and enhancing the overall sales workflow. 

Furthermore, Sales Hub allows customization, enabling sales managers to tailor the platform to their needs, including creating custom properties, deal stages, and workflows.

By leveraging these key features and functions, managers can optimize their sales processes, improve team collaboration, and drive revenue growth. Whether managing contacts, automating sales tasks, analyzing performance, or fostering collaboration, HubSpot Sales Hub offers a comprehensive set of tools to empower sales managers to pursue sales excellence.


HubSpot Resources

To help you understand and use HubSpot Sales Hub, there are several recommended resources that sales managers can leverage. These resources provide valuable insights, guidance, and expert services to ensure you make the most of HubSpot Sales Hub and drive your sales efforts to new heights.

  • HubSpot Academy: HubSpot Academy offers many educational resources, including online courses, certifications, and practical guides. Sales-specific courses and certifications cover lead management, email automation, reporting, and sales enablement. By investing time in HubSpot Academy resources, sales team members and managers can effectively deepen their knowledge and skills in leveraging the core functionalities of the HubSpot Sales Hub. HubSpot Academy is available to all HubSpot users, even on free plans.

  • HubSpot Community: The HubSpot Community is a vibrant and active online forum where marketing professionals and HubSpot users come together to share insights, ask questions, and engage. It's a valuable resource for sales managers looking to connect with peers, seek advice, and stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in using HubSpot Sales Hub. Participating in the HubSpot Community allows managers to tap into collective knowledge and experiences.

  • HubSpot Solutions Partner: Looking for more customized support? As certified and accredited partners, our consultants provide HubSpot Services and customized services configured to your business needs, ensuring you get the most out of your Sales Hub and overall HubSpot investment. From onboarding to implementation, coaching and customization, integration, and strategic sales enablement, expert consultants can help you accelerate your sales growth and achieve your goals.

  • HubSpot Suite of Products:  The HubSpot Suite consists of HubSpot Content Hub, HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Operations Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub, HubSpot Commerce Hub, and HubSpot Service Hub. HubSpot CRM is a shared resource and is part of all hubs. 

Partnering for Additional Help

We understand the importance of continuous learning and professional growth for sales professionals. As a certified and accredited HubSpot Platinum Solutions partner, we offer additional help and support for HubSpot onboarding and usage. Our team of experienced marketers and sales professionals is dedicated to providing companies with personalized support in their sales, marketing, and HubSpot efforts. 

Whether you wonder how to migrate your CRM system or need guidance with a HubSpot Sales Hub implementation,  advanced strategies, developing custom campaigns, or leveraging core HubSpot features, we're here to help. Our expertise spans various sales disciplines, including prospecting, lead nurturing, and closing deals.

By partnering with Aspiration Marketing, you can access personalized consultations, strategic guidance, and hands-on assistance tailored to your needs and goals. With our Sales Enablement consultants and access to world-class Sales Training and Coaching Resources,  we work collaboratively with you to understand your business objectives and develop tailored sales strategies that drive results.

Unleashing Sales Success: Empower Your Team with HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is the secret weapon sales managers have been waiting for. Its powerful features, from contact and lead management to sales automation and collaboration tools, empower sales teams to streamline their sales processes and drive revenue growth. Say hello to a smarter, more efficient sales team and accelerated revenue growth!

Hubspot has begun to make AI capabilities available throughout the platform with Content Assistant and ChatSpot. Contact us to leverage AI in your platform.

HubSpot Services

HubSpot Sales Hub FAQs:

What are the core features of HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub includes a variety of features, including:

  • Coaching Playlists
  • Deals
  • Documents
  • Email Automation
  • Forecasting
  • Meetings
  • Payments
  • Playbooks
  • Quotes
  • Sales Analytics
  • Tasks
What are the different pricing plans for HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub offers four pricing plans: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan is USD 50/month, the Professional plan starts at USD 500/month, and the Enterprise plan starts at USD 1,200/month.

HubSpot has a variety of programs with additional pricing options, such as the HubSpot For Startups program. Depending on the configuration, HubSpot requires mandatory onboarding.

Please contact us for help finding the right configuration of you.

What are some of the alternatives to HubSpot Sales Hub?

Some alternatives to HubSpot Sales Hub include Insightly, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Sharpspring, Soho, and SmartDeskCRM. These platforms offer similar features to HubSpot Sales Hub but may have different pricing plans or feature sets.


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