HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise Features

Effective sales tools are crucial for closing deals in today's competitive sales world. Fortunately, HubSpot Sales Hub makes managing clients and closing deals more manageable. But, as businesses expand, so do their sales management needs. 

HubSpot offers excellent sales resources in its starter and professional tiers, but the enterprise tier is a must-have for sales teams looking to get one step further. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise Features

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The HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales management platform designed to empower businesses with the tools and features necessary to enhance sales efficiency and drive revenue growth. As an integral part of the HubSpot Growth Suite and CRM solutions, Sales Hub offers a wide range of functionalities tailored to streamline the entire sales process, from lead generation to deal closure and customer retention.

At its core, HubSpot Sales Hub provides a centralized hub for sales teams to efficiently manage and organize their leads, contacts, and deals. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows sales representatives to track customer interactions, schedule meetings, and send personalized emails seamlessly. The platform also integrates with popular email clients and calendars, simplifying communication and appointment management.

Based on your business needs, the Sales Hub provides different tier levels to suit varying requirements and budgets. These tiers include the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions, each offering unique features and capabilities.

HubSpot Sales Hub is a member of the comprehensive HubSpot Suite, consisting of HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Service Hub, HubSpot Content Hub, HubSpot Operations Hub, and HubSpot Commerce Hub. The HubSpot CRM is a foundational element of all hubs.

Sales Hub Features

As a foundation (in HubSpot Starter and Pro), here are the core features of the HubSpot Sales Hub, also included in Sales Hub Enterprise:

1. Data

Successful sales strategies rely on data-driven decision-making. HubSpot's Sales Hub uses comprehensive data management tools to centralize and organize customer information, including contact details, interaction history, and deal stages. This holistic view of customer data enables sales teams to better understand prospects, personalize their approach, and effectively nurture leads throughout the sales funnel.

  • Starter: CRM and Deals
  • Professional: CRM and Deals

2. Content

HubSpot's Sales Hub empowers sales professionals with content creation, management, and analytics capabilities, enabling them to craft personalized content and make data-backed improvements to their outreach efforts.

3. Messaging

HubSpot's Sales Hub Messaging enables seamless communication between sales teams, leads, and customers. It offers email sequencing, live chat, and team email tools for smooth interactions, building strong relationships, and efficient conversation management.

  • Starter: Sales emails, Calls, Meetings, Templates, OR Quotes
  • Professional: Sales emails, Calls, Meetings, Templates, OR Quotes

4. Reporting

To improve sales performance, access to data and analytics is crucial. HubSpot's Sales Hub provides robust reporting and performance tracking features, allowing sales teams to monitor metrics, track deals, and gain valuable insights. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and increased sales success.

  • Starter: Reporting
  • Professional: Reporting

5. Automation

Sales Hub automates tasks and workflows, allowing sales reps to focus on high-priority activities like engaging with leads and closing deals while routine tasks are handled automatically.

  • Professional: Sequences OR Workflows

But, for businesses looking for the highest levels of functionality within HubSpot, you may be interested in the enterprise tier of the Sales Hub. Let's take a look at what the enterprise tier has to offer sales teams. 

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HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise Features

HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise is the flagship solution for businesses looking to supercharge their sales efforts and achieve unprecedented growth. Tailored to meet the needs of larger organizations and enterprises, Sales Hub Enterprise offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline sales processes, enhance team collaboration, and drive revenue. Let's delve into the key features that set HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise apart and make it an indispensable tool for sales success.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

This feature streamlines access while enhancing security. SSO integration ensures seamless connectivity to Sales Hub Enterprise, enhancing user experience and maintaining robust authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive sales data.

Field-Level Permissions

Precision in data control is achieved through field-level permissions. This feature empowers you to specify who can access and modify specific fields, ensuring that sensitive information is handled securely, and promoting data integrity and compliance.

Attribution Reporting

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your sales strategies with attribution reporting. Trace revenue back to specific marketing efforts, discern the impact of each touchpoint, and refine your approach for optimized results.


Experiment freely without risking live data with the sandboxes feature. Create a controlled environment to test new features, workflows, and configurations, allowing for exploration and innovation while keeping your actual data unaffected.

Conversation Intelligence

Elevate the art of sales conversations with AI-powered conversation intelligence. This feature analyzes calls and meetings, extracting valuable insights to refine sales pitches based on real-time feedback, leading to more effective interactions.


Data-driven decision-making is made robust with datasets. Seamlessly merge data from various sources to create comprehensive insights that fuel your sales strategies and drive meaningful interactions.

Adaptive Testing

Adapt and optimize your sales strategies with adaptive testing. Experiment with different approaches, learn from real-time performance data, and fine-tune your outreach for maximum engagement and impact.

Custom Objects

Tailor Sales Hub Enterprise precisely to your needs with custom objects. Create and manage custom fields, records, and objects to align the platform with your unique sales processes, enhancing efficiency and relevance.

Behavioral Events

Understand prospects better with behavioral events. Monitor interactions with your content, gaining insights into preferences and intentions that shape effective engagements.

Content Partitioning

Deliver personalized content seamlessly with content partitioning. Tailor content offerings to specific audiences, ensuring prospects receive information that resonates and drives engagement.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Sales Hub Enterprise offers predictive lead scoring to identify the most qualified leads. The platform analyzes historical sales data to determine which leads are more likely to convert, allowing sales reps to prioritize their efforts and focus on leads with the highest potential for conversion. Predictive lead scoring enhances sales efficiency by directing resources toward the most promising opportunities.

Sequence Outcome Reporting

Sales Hub Enterprise customers will have access to two additional metrics in Sequences. These metrics include the percentage of contacts enrolled in a sequence that resulted in a deal being created, known as Deal Rate, and the amount of revenue from closed won deals that were influenced by the sequence, called Total Revenue.

Lead Form Qualification

HubSpot Forms enable you to establish conditional redirect rules that can automatically classify and direct your leads to the appropriate representative. You can set up conditional logic for each form submission to modify the thank you message, URL, or meeting scheduling page that appears based on the form response. This feature enables marketing and sales teams to automate their own qualification rules.

Deal Journey Analytics

Sales Hub Enterprise users can now create customer journeys tailored to their deals using the enhanced Customer Journey Analytics feature.

HubSpot Enterprise Suite

The HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise is part of the HubSpot Suite and consists of HubSpot Content Hub, HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Operations Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub, and HubSpot Service Hub. HubSpot CRM is a shared resource and is part of all hubs.


Scale with Sales Hub Enterprise

The HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise platform is a game changer to facilitate scale and complexity.

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Our team of certified and accredited consultants can assist you with selecting the proper technology, implementation, configuration, and operation of the platform and help you leverage Hubspot's most advanced features.


Whether you wonder how to migrate your CRM system or need guidance with a HubSpot Sales Hub implementation,  advanced strategies, developing custom campaigns, or leveraging core HubSpot features, we're here to help. Our expertise spans various sales disciplines, including prospecting, lead nurturing, and closing deals.

With our Sales Enablement consultants and access to world-class Sales Training and Coaching Resources,  we work collaboratively with you to understand your business objectives and develop tailored sales strategies that drive results.

Embrace the power of Sales Hub Enterprise and push your sales strategies to thrive. From personalized communication and sophisticated automation to AI-driven analytics and robust account-based selling tools, this platform empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve unparalleled growth.


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