Why Partner With a HubSpot Agency - Even if You Don't Use HubSpot

Choosing the right marketing agency is tough! After all, there are plenty of options, and you want to select an agency partner who'll build a long-lasting relationship with your company. So, where do you begin?

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We humbly suggest that one way to narrow the list is to seek a HubSpot partner agency - even if you don't use HubSpot. Many of these agencies will bring a tried-and-true inbound marketing methodology, which can be implemented regardless of your company's marketing and sales tools. 

What Do HubSpot Partner Agencies Bring to the Table?

Even if your team uses other marketing and sales software, you can still benefit immensely from working with a HubSpot solutions partner agency. That's because HubSpot partner agencies have all embraced--and mastered the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology. This acumen brings multiple benefits to your company.

A Commitment to Building Attraction

The old ABC ("Always be closing") approach to sales no longer applies to today's marketplace, where consumers expect companies to communicate with them on their terms, with messaging that delivers value. We can't simply trumpet our message into the universe and expect qualified leads to falling into our laps! 


The HubSpot inbound marketing methodology turns this old approach on its head. With inbound, you focus on crafting messages and content that attract your prospects so they come to you on their own because you're helpful. And they stick around because you deliver precisely what they need when needed. Here's why that matters in the long term: 

  • Better resource allocation: You don't need to market to everyone. You must market to your ideal customer--using messaging and content that will specifically appeal to that buyer persona. This allows you to hone your message and allocate resources more efficiently.

  • More qualified leads: Which person is more likely to become a customer: the one who hears a message on a megaphone or who's already visited your website and demonstrated interest in your product or service (via a download or other behavior)? Pretty simple question, right? People who've opted into hearing from you are more eager and receptive to your messages...and more likely to convert to customers.  

  • More efficient sales process: Closing more deals doesn't start with your sales strategy--it starts with your marketing strategy. A robust inbound marketing strategy is vital in educating your prospects, which can help shorten the sales cycle. Meanwhile, inbound marketing insights can help your sales team craft more relevant, timely pitches. For example, knowing which website pages and content a prospect has already consumed can help the sales team determine which products and services might be the most important. 

A Deep Understanding of the Symbiosis Between Marketing and Sales

An effective marketing effort drives strategic growth--it's not just about getting more traffic or leads. It's about getting more (and better) sales. The HubSpot methodology rests on this fundamental idea. The software is even built this way, providing the option to integrate marketing and sales seamlessly. 

How does this translate into better marketing for your company? 

  • More meaningful goal setting: A traditional online marketing agency might measure success based on increased traffic or better conversion rates. While that's tactically useful, it doesn't help you determine how marketing impacts company revenue. Sales and revenue should be the most important goals.

  • The right people at the table: Your sales team should have a place at the marketing meetings, and vice versa. These teams must know each other's activities and how they're working together to maximize your marketing efforts. 

  • Content that answers the right questions: When you bring the sales team to the table, you can make smarter content marketing decisions. For example, you might develop case studies focusing on a particular industry or solution, making it easier for the sales team to provide relevant materials to their prospects. 

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The Collective Power of the HubSpot Community

 As a HubSpot partner agency, we have plenty of experience with various inbound marketing challenges. We've helped startups launch their inbound campaigns on a shoestring budget and grappled with the growing pains of taking a company internationally. 

But let's be honest: unless you're Alex Trebek, you probably don't have 100% right answers 100% of the time. Heck, even Watson made a mistake on Jeopardy!

If we're stumped, we can lean on the HubSpot community. Our Channel Account Manager helps us validate new approaches and offers her experience overcoming challenges. We also have exclusive access to a wealth of resources to support our clients and ensure their success, not to mention the robust, supportive, and active network of HubSpot agency members, who are always there to lend a hand and provide advice. 

The bottom line: When you hire a HubSpot partner agency, you benefit from a community with deep, varied expertise, passion for customer service, and a commitment to your success. 

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An Eye for Automation Opportunities

Every inbound marketing campaign has many moving parts, and managing them all manually can be impossible, especially because so many elements are very time-sensitive.

Consider the timeframe for following up with a new lead, for instance. A recent lead management study showed that reps who waited ten or more minutes to follow up with leads saw an incredible 400% decrease in their success rate. If that lead reaches out overnight or on the weekend, the opportunity could be long lost when your team returns to the office. 

Luckily, automation can happen anytime, all the time. Over the years, HubSpot has made automating marketing and sales activities even easier. As a result, HubSpot partner agencies quickly identify automation opportunities and streamline your marketing processes. Even if you're not using HubSpot, your company benefits from working with a partner committed to optimizing your process using whatever tools you have available. 

Proven Expertise and Industry-Leading Credentials

Becoming a HubSpot partner agency isn't a cakewalk! Partner agencies must demonstrate expertise in HubSpot software from the HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub to the HubSpot Operations Hub and in the HubSpot inbound methodology. Individual team members must also earn and maintain various certifications in the field.  

Some agencies go above and beyond HubSpot's requirements, as well. For instance, at Aspiration Marketing, as an accredited HubSpot partner, we require all our content marketers and HubSpot Certified Trainers to maintain at least six HubSpot certifications, most of which must be renewed annually. 

How to Choose the Right Partner Agency

It's not marriage; your relationship with a marketing agency can be a long, fruitful partnership. So, it's certainly not a decision to make without due consideration. As you evaluate different agencies, be sure to consider these critical factors: 

  • Scope: Exactly what services are you looking for? Suppose you're seeking a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. In that case, you'll probably need a different agency than someone interested in support for a very specialized marketing domain (such as blogging or social media management). 

  • Relevant expertise: Startups have very different marketing needs than mid-market companies do. Likewise, a SaaS business and a law firm won't have the exact marketing requirements. Look for an agency with demonstrated expertise in your industry and businesses of a similar size. Geography also matters. For example, if your customers and clients are in Europe, you'll want an agency well-versed in navigating GDPR laws and other region-specific regulations.

  • Technical know-how: Your company has its own technology "ecosystem," which includes everything from your website to your email system. Your agency should be able to navigate this landscape, maximizing the tools you're already using and offering insight on how you could improve your ecosystem to support marketing and sales better. 

  • Cultural fit: What are your company's values? While that might seem irrelevant here, choosing an agency with similar values will create a better relationship. If you're in a jeans-and-hoodie office with a more casual, accessible communication style, look for an agency with a similar vibe. 

  • Managerial style: We're a collaborative crowd at Aspiration Marketing, and we've found that the best partnerships are with clients with the same management style. Take time to understand what management style will work best with your team, and seek an agency that embraces that style.

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