15 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try in 2020

Social media is everywhere, and it isn't going anywhere. So even if your products and services are decidedly "low tech" you need to have a social media presence. With a well-planned social media campaign you create brand awareness, lay the foundation upon which to build a community, and drive sales. To help you in acing a social media strategy, here are 15 ideas to start your creative juice flowing and inspire you to create your own campaign ideas....
Shelley March 04, 2020 5 minute read


Shelley's been in Seattle practically since the dawn of time. She enjoys having fun (seriously) with research and writing. In her off hours she reads and walks, although not at the same time -- because tripping over sidewalks is embarrassing.

Brands Using Twitter Beautifully
Not sure how to define what it means to use Twitter beautifully? There are lots of lists to be found of brands whose Twitter accounts can provide inspiration, those that are aimed at customer service, that put out great content, that engage their audience well, or that illustrate effective use of Twitter for business.
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Customer Retention Marketing Techniques
If you don't have a system in place to market to current customers after the initial sale, now would be a good time to build a strategy for a customer retention program.
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Marketing Trends To Track in 2020
All marketing is multi-channel at this point, with needs to be addressed in social media, SEO, PPC, email, and more. Marketers and business owners need to follow what's trending or they'll fall behind, possibly hopelessly behind. There is no shortage of digital marketing tips, tools, tricks, and trends across all industries. Here are our suggestions for the trends to watch as the year progresses.
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How to Become an Expert Blogger
How are your blogging efforts going? Here are some thoughts, suggestions, and ideas on getting your blogging moving toward expert level. 
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How to Generate More Website Traffic
Want to increase traffic to your website? The goal of this article is to help you build a cohesive strategy to do just that. Our intent is not to provide a comprehensive list of everything you should be doing, but rather to show some possibilities you can test so you'll see what works for you and your audience.
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A Startup's Guide to Lead Generation in 2020
Lead generation in 2020 just may not be all that different than lead generation in 2019. You just need some tweaks to well-tested strategies and some reminders that some old strategies are no longer effective and should be replaced. To summarize in an oversimplified way, effective lead generating strategies involve inbound and content marketing with prudent use of email and some other outbound tactics.
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12 SEO Myths That Don't Hold in 2020
Since the first time anyone used the term/acronym SEO (search engine optimization), there have been myths attached to most discussions of how to implement it effectively. Some of the more common myths are recent additions, some have been around a while, some are truly alive and kicking, and some are zombies that just don't give up the ghost.
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9 Fresh Ideas for Your Startup's Marketing Strategy
Digital marketing best practices are ever evolving. Our list of fresh ideas for your startup's marketing strategy includes some evergreen suggestions to apply as well as some cutting edge ideas. Integrate these where appropriate to ramp up your marketing efforts. 
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18 Ways to Attract More Social Media Followers in 2020
In a very broad sense, all the content you post can be viewed as either talking about yourself or sharing information that benefits others. Your brand is seen either as being primarily about self-promotion or about giving back. To be a winner in the long term you need to be the one who informs the community with useful information.
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12 Habits of Effective Content Creators in 2020
Seems like just about everybody agrees that content marketing is the marketing strategy of the hour, or year, or decade. Yet surprisingly few are actually doing content marketing. And fewer still are doing it well. Here are some habits to acquire and nurture to become a more effective content creator and bring more of the power of content marketing to your business in 2020.
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How Content Marketing & Social Media Work Together
Social media provides your brand with a way to get to know your customers while being a strong content distribution channel. So what do you need to do to integrate social media into your content strategy?
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12 Tips for Creating Evergreen Content in 2020
So just what is evergreen content? It's content that is always relevant to your readers, your brand, and your area of expertise. It has a long shelf life. It's shared regularly and does well in SERPs.
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Quality vs. Quantity: The Content Creation Question in 2020
It's been nearly a decade since the seemingly endless debate of quality versus quantity in content marketing started appearing everywhere. Let's take a look at the status of this question.
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19 Ways to Get Free Advertising for Your Startup
There are a mind-boggling number of ways to advertise your startup. Many are free. Many are not. In fact, some are quite costly. Even if the free methods aren't always the very best way to advertise your business, they can still be incredible tools if you take the time to figure out how to make them work for you. And the free part means your budget doesn't have to take a hit when you experiment with these advertising methods.
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Dos and Don'ts for Using YouTube in 2020
The overwhelming consensus in the content marketing universe is that video content is huge and only going to get huger. At the same time, YouTube basically owns the video-sharing platform universe. So if you're contemplating starting to create video content, or are creating it but looking for tips on how to do it best, or at least how not to botch the endeavor, it behooves you to learn about this platform and its ins and outs.
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Maximize Your Presence on LinkedIn in 2020
LinkedIn is the biggest B2B social networking channel in the world. It's an excellent platform to use to build an engaged audience. It is also a good place to establish a reputation as a thought leader in your industry and share your company culture with potential new customers.
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Specific Tips for Optimal Content Distribution
Content distribution is how you provide content to your audience using various channels and media formats. You should do the research and document a plan for where and how you're going to publish and promote your content before you start producing said content.
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What are the Different Types of Content for Content Marketing?
The terms "content," "content marketing," "content marketing strategy," "content marketing plan," and other phrases with similar vocabulary are everywhere. They appear in pieces talking about how to establish your brand's presence, build a following, have a successful startup, and just get your brand name known in your market. However, there's a problem. 
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