What Is Brand Storytelling? (And How to Tell Your Story)

How do you grab your audience's attention and maintain  interest in your brand? By employing brand storytelling, of course! But what exactly is brand storytelling and how should you go about telling your startup's story? 

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Three Steps to Finding Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is something that we talk about in passing quite often. What we realized is that the one thing we haven’t covered is how you can establish one for your company. Or for that matter, what exactly a brand voice is in the first place.

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What Is the Content Marketing Funnel?

The marketing tool known as the "funnel" has evolved into the "content marketing funnel" with the unprecedented growth of this new segment of the marketing world. This new version enables content marketers to better support sales by targeting each stage of the funnel with specific content that helps to qualify, nurture, and convert leads into customers. The strategic use of content can open up a lot of doors for marketers and startups.

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How to Create an Email Marketing Plan That Works

There is nothing inherently wrong with marketing emails. The problem is that most companies don’t do them right. Admit it, you've unsubscribed from marketing emails, marked them as spam, and/or had regrets for having opted-in to the email list.

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Should You Run a Giveaway to Market Your Startup?

The concept of using giveaways as part of marketing campaigns has been around forever, and now, in our age of social media, promotions have been touted as the next silver bullet for marketing. What follows is a general discussion about giveaway planning and usefulness.

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How to Tell If Your Content Marketing Efforts Are Working in 2019

Content marketing is a relatively new school of thought in the marketing world, albeit one that’s making waves. The idea appears simple—create engaging, informative content that delights your audience and when they’re ready, they’ll convert to customers. Sounds great, right? But how do you know if it’s working?

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What is the Best and Simplest Blogging Platform in 2019?

Are you launching a startup and looking to start a blog at the same time? This post is for you. Your startup's blog can be contained within the company website, or it can be hosted somewhere else. Maybe you want to keep the blog more personal to you, the CEO, and link it to the company website as you decide what you want it to be.

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Avoid These 17 Startup Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is the lifeblood of a startup, but there's not a well-delineated "how-to" path. In fact, if you're trying to get your startup off the ground, marketing may seem intimidating at best and impossible at worst. Marketing mistakes happen. There. We said it. They happen to everyone, and they are often unavoidable, especially in your startup's earliest stages. What can you do about it?

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Our Best Advice for Marketing Your Startup in 2019

Startup marketing. Words that strike fear in many a new CEO. After all, you’ve invested all of your time, energy, and money into getting the product ready for launch, building your core team, and little things like finding office space. You’ve got nothing left to sink into marketing that shiny new widget you’ve developed. Take it from us, don’t forgo the marketing, if you don’t sell any widgets, what was all that other work for?

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Hey Startups! Do These Three Things on Social Media

In the few short years since it burst on the scene, social media has become an integral part of life in the 21st-century. If you want your startup to truly thrive, it’s pretty much imperative to have a presence in this realm, but that opens up a whole line of questioning based on the single underlying question—Why? Further questions like “what channel should we be on?” and “how active do we need to be?” follow shortly after.

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Is a Marketing Agency the Right Fit For Your Startup?

Startups have a lot going on. Everyone is multitasking, everyone is wearing multiple hats, and everyone is likely working more hours than they’ll admit to their families. Is marketing one of the arenas causing your startup team’s headaches?

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A Startup's Guide to Backlinks (And Why They Matter So Much!)

Remember last week, when you checked up on your site analytics and noticed a visit from a “referring site?” Upon further investigation, you determined that someone had mentioned your startup in an article about emerging technology and had included a link to one of your landing pages. Cool, huh?

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A Startup's Guide to SEO on a Budget

You understand the importance of SEO in reaching and converting new customers, but you really can't come up with any money to hire an agency to design your startup's SEO strategy and do the work required to get it all going. What can you do?

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