Should You Run a Giveaway to Market Your Startup?

The concept of using giveaways as part of marketing campaigns has been around forever, and now, in our age of social media, promotions have been touted as the next silver bullet for marketing. What follows is a general discussion about giveaway planning and usefulness....
Shelley August 21, 2019 4 minute read
Hey Startups! Do These Three Things on Social Media
In the few short years since it burst on the scene, social media has become an integral part of life in the 21st-century. If you want your startup to truly thrive, it’s pretty much imperative to have a presence in this realm, but that opens up a whole line of questioning based on the single underlying question—Why? Further questions like “what channel should we be on?” and “how active do we need to be?” follow shortly after.
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24 Ideas for Great Social Media Content
Social media is, at heart, a relationship-building tool. But it can also be used to promote content. It's all about finding the balance between self-promotion, sharing useful information, and entertaining your readers.
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Dos and Don'ts for Marketing on Instagram
Instagram is the place to be for small businesses, new businesses, and startups of all persuasions. In other words, you should probably be on Instagram.
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The Benefits of Promoting Posts on Facebook (And How to Do It!)
It's human nature to look back in time, heave a sigh, and mumble about those good old days. You know, when it was relatively easy to get your message across on sites like Facebook and get noticed by potential customers.
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An Overview of Marketing on Facebook
Social media marketing. Kind of a daunting subject, huh? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Use guides like the ones we publish regularly and move incrementally, and in no time you’ll have your presence set up and be seeing returns on your efforts.
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Facebook Hacks Every Startup Should Know
With the most recent round of algorithm changes Facebook has made, it is more challenging than ever to be a startup and use the networking platform to build an audience. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. But you do have to pay a bit more attention to what you’re doing.
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22 Ways to Improve Your Writing for Social Media Marketing
Social media has the power to throw even the most seasoned marketer for a loop. But we all know a social media presence is a necessary weapon in your marketing arsenal. So what should you do? Well, being successful on social media starts with what you write and how you write it. 
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35 Quick Content Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic
Hey startups, we see you! You're grinding and working hard to get your content into the world. You see other brands—big brands, perhaps—which have huge captive audiences and equally huge budgets, and can afford to tell sweeping stories with their content. Maybe you're intimidated or discouraged. Never fear. We've got some practical tips to help you.
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Best Practices for Managing Social Media Accounts
You’re considered the social media maven of the marketing department, but are you ready to manage the corporate accounts? There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to managing an organization’s presence on social media.
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What NOT to Do On Social Media: Startup Edition
Your startup just got round 2 funding and you’re itching to go. Job assignments have been handed out, everyone is multitasking since you’re still just 8 people, and you’ve just been put in charge of social media and marketing, congratulations! Wait, what?!?!
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A Beginner's Guide to Marketing on Social Media
Chances are that, if you're reading this guide, you are either intimidated by the idea of social media marketing or you think you must do it, but hate being torn away from your core business. Or both.   However, neither of these objections need be true.  With a little effort, social media can deliver immense returns on your investment and do so in a way that enhances, not distracts, from your company's focus on delivering great products to excited customers.  
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How to Come Up With Content Ideas for Your Blog
Writer’s block. The nemesis of content creators everywhere. Sooner or later, the blank white screen and blinking cursor will taunt you. It happens to the best of us.
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How to Market on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is by no means a new social media platform. In many ways, it’s not even really a social media platform in the sense that Twitter, Instagram, etc. are. That means marketing here is just a bit...different.
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