Ensuring Your Recruitment Tracking System Aligns with Your Brand

As a company, everything you do is a reflection of your brand. Every interaction your company has with a customer, every product or service you deliver - it all reflects on who you are as a business and what you convey to the outside world. What many companies forget is that their recruitment efforts are also a component of their brand as an employer. 

As such, your recruitment marketing efforts must reflect who you are as a business and who you want to be. To attract talent that resonates with your brand, it is crucial to maintain brand authenticity consistently during the entire recruitment process. 

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Establish a Strong Employer Brand

As an employer, your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Employer branding, in particular, is your reputation as an employer and the value that you bring to your employees. When you meet with a prospective candidate, you demonstrate who you are and position your company as the employer of choice. 

Still, the importance of a company staying on brand during recruitment is often overlooked. Many companies assume that recruitment is merely about acquiring new talent. In reality, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your brand to prospective employees and find talent that aligns with your brand. The brand you convey to candidates during the recruitment process will directly impact the kind of talent you can acquire. 

Now, while a company should put its "best foot forward" during recruitment, this does not mean you can trick candidates into believing that your company is better to work at than it is. Word travels in the recruitment world, so it is likely that if your company is a positive place to work, prospective employees are already aware of it and hoping to join your company. 

But for new companies or those who have not defined their brand as an employer, it is a crucial factor in successful recruitment marketing. Answering the question, "What benefits do you offer employees in return for the skills, experience, and effort they will deliver to your company?" For companies looking to acquire top talent and cultivate a positive working environment, these benefits should include more than monetary compensation. 

Modern companies should strive to create a positive and productive work environment where employees can push themselves creatively and professionally - while enjoying their work. But, to cultivate such a brand and environment, you must start with recruitment. 

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Often, the terms employer branding and recruitment marketing are used interchangeably. While the two tend to work together, there is a slight difference between them. Employer branding is the definition of who you are as an employer. This involves determining your values and the work environment you strive to create as a company. Recruitment marketing, on the other hand, is about communicating who you are as an employer. 

Before communicating your brand to prospective employees, you must define and develop it internally. First, you should know your company's values and goals and consider how you want to be perceived. Once a clear brand is defined, it is time to communicate your brand internally. Following this, ensure that the values you have defined are being practiced and maintained within your company. 

Once it is evident that your brand is a current and authentic portrayal of who you are, it is time to communicate it externally. This is done by creating a strong candidate experience and maintaining your values as your company grows - but we'll return to that. 

The Significance of Brand Consistency in Recruitment Marketing 

  • First and foremost, the goal of employer branding in recruitment is to acquire top talent. Prospective employees today are looking for more than a competitive paycheck. Candidates want to work for a company that they want to work for. For many, this means a positive environment where people look forward to coming into the office and connecting with the projects they make. 

  • For many companies, word spreads quickly if you are an optimistic company to work for - and if you are a negative one. Candidates will catch wind if the image you portray during recruitment does not align with what current employees are saying and will work elsewhere. For this reason, you must define your brand as an employer, develop and maintain your brand, and communicate it to candidates. In recruitment, authenticity is critical to successfully utilizing your employer branding. 

  • In addition to helping you achieve the best possible talent, defining and developing your brand as an employer is essential in improving team member retention. With clear employer branding, companies are not only ensuring that their company is a positive place to work for prospective team members but also for pre-existing ones. 

  • Professionals are more likely to be proud of and loyal to companies with strong and defined brands than those with inauthentic ones. The more connected to your company that your team members are, the happier and more productive they will be. In turn, prospective candidates will hear about the benefits of working with your company, and you will see more business growth due to content and hard-working team members. 

Maintaining Brand Consistency in Recruitment

Understanding the importance of defining and maintaining employer branding is crucial to acquiring new talent and keeping your current workforce happy. That being said, it can be challenging to maintain your brand as your company grows and changes shape over the years. Still, staying true to your brand is critical, so consider these tips for keeping your recruitment tracking system on brand. 

  • A consistent brand image in recruitment creates a sense of familiarity and trust with potential candidates, which can positively impact the employer brand.

  • Recruitment marketing statistics and trends emphasize that maintaining brand consistency helps to differentiate your company from competitors and strengthen your position in the job market.

  • By ensuring brand consistency in recruitment, companies can effectively communicate their values, mission, and culture to potential candidates, attracting individuals who align with the organization's vision.

Prompt Follow-up with Candidates

Reputation is a significant factor in team member branding and can make or break the recruitment process before it starts. For this reason, creating a positive candidate experience is vital. An excellent way to maintain a positive experience is by maintaining a quick response time with candidates when following up. 

It is crucial that during the recruitment process, recruiters stay in touch with candidates, whether moving them to the next round, sending their regrets, or keeping them in the loop. If too many candidates are left ignored or wait weeks for a response, it may damage your reputation as an employer. 

While this can be challenging to manage with many candidates, automation can significantly optimize this process. By automating your recruitment process, you can ensure that candidates receive follow-up in a timely fashion, prompting them to schedule an interview or move on to other opportunities. Regardless, automation will ensure that no candidate goes ignored - maintaining your reputation as an employer who values prospective employees. 

Discovering a Suitable Platform for Your Brand's Expression

Another excellent way to communicate and maintain your brand as an employer is by finding an outlet for your voice. Channels such as blogs, social media posts, and your career page can all help you share your brand with potential candidates. Most candidates use social media to help them in their job search, so putting your company out there can help you stand out to applicants. 

In finding an outlet for your brand, you are increasing positive brand exposure to candidates and providing your current team members with a chance to share your brand. This allows candidates to get an idea of your company's voice and values, further persuading them to apply to your company.


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