5 Tools for Marketing on LinkedIn

Many of the posts we have on LinkedIn are about what YOU can do to take advantage of LinkedIn as a platform. The truth is that given the size and reach of Linkedin, taking full advantage of its platform is something that isn't achievable by any single person (or even a group of people). Sometimes you'll need more than just manpower to get the job done. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools out there that were built just for that. Here are a few tools I found useful for Linkedin marketers; some are relatively basic, and some are more advanced.



Linkedin for Small Businesses

Linkedin for Small Businesses is a program started by Linkedin to help small and startup businesses get their foot in the door with Linkedin. It is mainly done through Linkedin’s Open for Business, which helps with brand-building, exposure, and discovering opportunities for new businesses. It goes through a 3 step process to help small businesses find their footing in their industry and online marketing. The three steps are:

  • Setting up your brand
  • Identifying and connecting with your target audience
  • Producing and sharing engaging content

As a market, you should be more than familiar with these three steps. Linkedin for Small Businesses helps make sure that you're on the right track and that you're not wasting your time on small mistakes here and there.

This is a great tool to use since it's unique to Linkedin. There's no need to install third-party software or plugin to help you do things. You use your own Linkedin account to sign up for it, and Linkedin does most of the work for you. It requires very little to get into and is very accessible and easy to use. Even though there are many features offered, the odds are that not every single one will apply to your business and your field. All you need to do is pick a couple of the right features, and you'll be set.


Crystal is an AI-based service that helps you by "analyzing millions of online data points and validating assessments to identify personality accurately." Crystal can help you in many areas, from sales to marketing, since it allows you to match your clients' personality types. The more data you give Crystal, the better insight it gives you about your clients. This kind of information is invaluable for any marketer.

How can this help with your company's LinkedIn? Crystal can help you analyze a profile, and by comparing the given profile to its internal data, Crystal will provide you with some information about that person's personality. This information isn't exhaustive, of course, there's only so much an AI can do for you. However, it is quite sophisticated and will give you some useful information to start with. You can use this information to tailor how you approach the person in question, how you start your message to them, what things you should focus on, and what you should avoid.

Crystal can also help you compare two Linkedin profiles that, to you, are virtually identical. Since it works off data, Crystal can see things that we simply can't as humans. Imagine you're trying to hire a new employee, and you're trying to cut down the number of applicants, so you're not overloaded with interviews. If you're stuck and can't make a choice just based on their applications, then letting Crystal look at their profile could give you that extra bit of information you needed to make the final decision.



Saleshub is a great tool if you’re looking for more automation.It focuses on syncing up and automating your email, social media, and website to relieve you from having to manage all your platforms separately. Once your business starts scaling up, automation will become necessary. Even with a social media manager, there just isn't enough time in the day to deal with all the different platforms manually.

One of the main perks of Saleshub is that it lets you transfer your lead lists from Linkedin directly to Excel. Being able to keep your lead lists in a document off of Linkedin is much easier to organize. In addition to Excel conversion, Saleshub allows you to email all of your leads in a quick and streamlined process. If you stuck to Linkedin, you'd be much slower, and you'd be tied down to the website at all times.

Saleshub also lets you automate your prospecting. You can set up a profile that would fit your prospects and have Saleshub detect and reach out to Linkedin users who automatically have that profile. This way, you'll make sure you're not missing out on any prospects.

There's a lot more to Saleshub - it's a tremendous service, and it's very complex. It's also not just limited to Linkedin, so if you try it out and like the results, consider making use of the full range of its features.


eLink Pro

When you visit someone's profile on Linkedin, they get notified. This can, in some cases, lead to that person visiting yours. It's simple curiosity: they want to see who it was that was checking out their profile.

eLink Pro relies on this basic principle.It's a straightforward automation tool that makes you visit profiles. It can go up to 800 profiles per day, much more than any human could realistically do manually. When you visit 800 profiles per day, you can hope that at least some of them will visit your profile in return—exposure in a simple way.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a unique way to increase your reach and maximize even the slightest features of Linkedin. You can try it for free and see whether it's netting you good results before committing to a purchase.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sometimes it's best to stick to the essential tools. Don't worry if you think third-party tools are hard to manage for you; you can just stick to what Linkedin offers. It's already more than enough. In addition to Linkedin for Small Businesses, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another great tool that you’ll find without ever leaving Linkedin.com.

This tool lets you:

  • Find prospects with the help of algorithms.
  • Get sales-related data to inform your decision-making process better.
  • Expand your connections on Linkedin through various automation tools.

That list sounds familiar to some of the previous tools listed, doesn't it?. That may be reassuring, but remember that LSN is much more limited than some other third-party tools. It's a great place to start, surely, but it's definitely more limited when compared to other tools. It's basic, safe, and easy to use, so there's definitely value in looking into it. However, if you start seeing results with it and are committed to a long-term strategy, you should consider moving away from it in favor of more powerful tools.

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