How to Become an Expert Blogger

How are your blogging efforts going? Here are some thoughts, suggestions, and ideas on getting your blogging moving toward expert level. 

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How to Generate More Website Traffic

Want to increase traffic to your website? The goal of this article is to help you build a cohesive strategy to do just that. Our intent is not to provide a comprehensive list of everything you should be doing, but rather to show some possibilities you can test so you'll see what works for you and your audience.

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On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO: Techniques for Getting Good Pull

SEO is one of the most hotly debated (read, argued about) subjects in the online marketing realm. It’s something we’ve talked about here on the Aspiration Marketing blog, and it’s a topic I’m sure we’ll continue to cover in the years to come. That’s because it’s simply that important, and we want to be sure you have a solid understanding of the in’s, out’s, up’s, and down’s that make up modern SEO practices.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

No better way to start answering that question than with a straightforward sounding definition, this one from Hubspot:

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To Email Blast or Not to Email Blast

Email blasts may be one of the most contentious pieces of the marketing puzzle. There are those who swear by their effectiveness. And there are others who deride their spammy nature and low engagement numbers.

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9 Different Types of Landing Pages

The simple landing page, often maligned yet seemingly never truly understood. There are technically as many types of landing as there are reasons for their use. In an effort to clear up some of the mystery surrounding these powerful marketing tools, here’s a round-up of the top 9 varieties we see in use today. They’re ordered roughly from most to least common (at least in terms of effective use by digital marketers in our experience).

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A Startup's Guide to Lead Generation in 2020

Lead generation in 2020 just may not be all that different than lead generation in 2019. You just need some tweaks to well-tested strategies and some reminders that some old strategies are no longer effective and should be replaced. To summarize in an oversimplified way, effective lead generating strategies involve inbound and content marketing with prudent use of email and some other outbound tactics.

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12 SEO Myths That Don't Hold in 2020

Since the first time anyone used the term/acronym SEO (search engine optimization), there have been myths attached to most discussions of how to implement it effectively. Some of the more common myths are recent additions, some have been around a while, some are truly alive and kicking, and some are zombies that just don't give up the ghost.

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9 Fresh Ideas for Your Startup's Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing best practices are ever evolving. Our list of fresh ideas for your startup's marketing strategy includes some evergreen suggestions to apply as well as some cutting edge ideas. Integrate these where appropriate to ramp up your marketing efforts. 

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7 Social Media Strategies for Startups

Social media.

A phrase that causes shivers to run down the spine of many a startup marketer. Especially if you’re in bootstrap mode and don’t have an actual marketer on staff yet. Honestly, we don’t think that fear is well-founded or justified. Today, we’re going to give you the kick in the pants you need to overcome your hesitations and get your social media marketing strategy in gear.

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Startup Case Study: Who's Doing Blogging right?

When was the last time you checked your blog stats?

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A Startup's Guide to Brand Management

We all have that one friend, the one with that one personality quirk that we’re just not sure what to do with. We love everything about them, except that one, seemingly insignificant, yet somehow impossible to ignore, quirk. Does your startup have a quirk like that? If so, or more importantly, if you’re not sure, it’s time for some brand management.

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18 Ways to Attract More Social Media Followers in 2020

In a very broad sense, all the content you post can be viewed as either talking about yourself or sharing information that benefits others. Your brand is seen either as being primarily about self-promotion or about giving back. To be a winner in the long term you need to be the one who informs the community with useful information.

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12 Habits of Effective Content Creators in 2020

Seems like just about everybody agrees that content marketing is the marketing strategy of the hour, or year, or decade. Yet surprisingly few are actually doing content marketing. And fewer still are doing it well. Here are some habits to acquire and nurture to become a more effective content creator and bring more of the power of content marketing to your business in 2020.

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