What is Negative SEO and Does it Matter?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is almost as old as the public internet. As soon as there were enough pages to require search engines, there were people trying to find ways to make their website come out on top of the search results pages. And as soon as Google came on the scene in the late ‘90s, all eyes turned to their incredibly powerful new generation of search algorithm to determine what tact to take....
Jesse April 08, 2020 4 minute read
5 Smart Approaches for Landing Your First Marketing Job
Getting your first marketing job can be difficult even under normal circumstances. Marketing is a competitive field and because almost every other industry deploys marketing in some form or fashion, the ability to stand out in a crowd amongst marketing professionals 2, 3, or even 10 years your senior requires innovative, outside-the-box thinking.  But what about landing your first marketing job under not normal or unusual circumstances? Like, for example, a global pandemic that altered the way we interact with each other, significantly limited movement or travel, and dealt a seismic blow to the world economy?
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How To Build Your Email Marketing List
Email marketing has changed quite a lot in recent years. Its reputation has as well, cycling from a legitimate means for companies to stay in touch with their customers in the early days, through a period of being seen as spammy if not a bit scammy, and back to a fantastic way to keep customers engaged.
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5 Tips for Writing Copy that Gets Results
With all the talk about content marketing, blogs, and the importance of SEO to a well-rounded marketing strategy—it can be easy to forget about the standbys. Like being able to craft solid sales copy.
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Guide to Creating a Social Media Content Calendar
OK, let’s see. You’ve got your blog up and running. Your social media presence is building steam. And your contact/lead database is growing daily. Cool. What’s next?
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Is Email Marketing Dead?
We’ve all seen the sensationalist headlines: Email is Dead! Long Live Email!
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Marketing Alternatives to Event Marketing
There’s no debate that when it comes to creating a lasting impression and trusted relationship, a face-to-face approach is best. Whether it’s a pitch meeting, a conference, or a trade show, nothing replaces the human touch for getting a deal done. In fact, when it comes to the realm of event marketing, over 75% of content marketers say that it’s single-most effective marketing channel in their arsenal.
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How To Organically Increase Traffic and Lead Conversions
SEO is a touchy subject. Like any aspect of the tech world, there are supporters, detractors, and those who say “Bah, who needs it!” Here at Aspiration Marketing, we’re firmly in the former camp, in that we see SEO as a key tool for any content marketing endeavor. Without a grounding in the fundamentals, there is simply no way your content will gain traction and bring you the organic traffic and conversions you’re looking for.
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Doing Blogging Right (By The Numbers)
In a recent post we introduced you to SmartDreamers*, a startup in the recruitment marketing automation sector who we feel is seeing great returns on their content marketing efforts. Specifically, we discussed their blog and the ways they’re getting it so right.
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What Are Inbound Links?
In the world of SEO and organic traffic generation, what Google says, goes. And two of their stated top 3 factors used in determining domain authority and ranking are quality content and inbound links.
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Is Social Media Marketing Dead?
If you don’t like ambiguity, look away now.
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Why Is Inbound Marketing Important?
The marketing internet has been awash in articles talking about “inbound marketing” this, “outbound marketing” that, and “content marketing” is the next BIG THING—so much so that it’s getting confusing even for us. The explosion of new marketing terms, tactics, and techniques can be overwhelming, we get it. After all, many people ascribe to the idea that marketing is marketing is marketing, right?
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How Often Should You Post New Blog Articles?
Ultimately, and unsurprisingly, the answer to the headline question is going to be—it depends. If you’re not a fan of ambiguity, never fear, as this article will lay out some guidelines and best practices you can use to work out the ideal blogging schedule for your company, your team, and your needs.
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Is Content Pruning an Effective Strategy?
The short answer is, “Yes, under the right circumstances.”
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Marketing to Different Generations
Generational differences make for interesting hurdles when it comes to marketing strategy and tactics. This fact is being made all the more clear as Generation Z comes of age and joins the consumer class. With this cohort’s increasing buying power comes even more glaring differences with Generation Y (Millennials) that were being overlooked. It’s the fact that even the public is torn on whether or not these two generations are different that forms the basis for today’s article.
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Marketing Trends To Track in 2020
All marketing is multi-channel at this point, with needs to be addressed in social media, SEO, PPC, email, and more. Marketers and business owners need to follow what's trending or they'll fall behind, possibly hopelessly behind. There is no shortage of digital marketing tips, tools, tricks, and trends across all industries. Here are our suggestions for the trends to watch as the year progresses.
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How B2B Content Marketing Drives Sales
The global commerce has undergone both massive growth and radical change in recent years. The explosion of eCommerce, along with the infrastructure to support ubiquitous high-speed internet connections has changed the face of business around the world. As a result, many marketing departments and agencies are scrambling to get ahead of the next shakeup, expanding offerings and modifying existing practices to not only stay relevant to current customers but to continue attracting new ones.
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How to Become an Expert Blogger
How are your blogging efforts going? Here are some thoughts, suggestions, and ideas on getting your blogging moving toward expert level. 
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How to Generate More Website Traffic
Want to increase traffic to your website? The goal of this article is to help you build a cohesive strategy to do just that. Our intent is not to provide a comprehensive list of everything you should be doing, but rather to show some possibilities you can test so you'll see what works for you and your audience.
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