The Importance of Maintaining Your CRM Database

Cool, you have your CRM in place, in fact it’s been up and running for some time now and is working like a champ. Your customer database is growing daily and your email newsletter has never had so much reach. Hurray!

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How to Launch a Startup and Avoid Burnout

Your startup is your life. We get it. You've lived it. Breathed it. And nurtured it as if it were a child. Now it's off the ground, and you're working hard to make it succeed. But a surefire way of doing just the opposite is by running yourself into the ground. Don't do that!

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Simple Ways to Enhance Customer Experience

The definition of customer experience is any contact a customer and an organization have throughout the course of their working relationship. Interactions can include everything from awareness, discovery, cultivation, and advocacy, through to purchase, service, and follow-up.

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Examples of SMART Goals: For Business, Marketing, and SEO

Business, marketing, SEO. What do they have in common? Goals.

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4 Solid Examples of Downloadable Content To Get You Thinking

Content marketing works. We’ve talked about it before, and it’s making the press as well. People are tired of being sold to, and they’re ready to read relevant, useful articles and talk to friendly representatives to learn how a solution can help them. Part of the success of content marketing has to do with its implementation within a company. Meaning, you need to pay attention to said content, be sure those reps are trained, and focus some energy on watching what content goes where.

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A Startup's Guide to Managing Customer Expectations

Clients and customers expect a lot from companies. Do you know how to give your customersboth new and currentwhat they want?

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13 [Free] Branding Tools for Your Startup
Lots of startups undervalue the importance of a branding initiative. But we live in a world of unlimited choices. To captivate consumers and capture market share, you need to have a cohesive, memorable, and differentiated brand. Indeed, every startup needs a branding strategy.
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Facebook Hacks Every Startup Should Know

With the most recent round of algorithm changes Facebook has made, it is more challenging than ever to be a startup and use the networking platform to build an audience. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. But you do have to pay a bit more attention to what you’re doing.

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CRM Solutions for Every Stage of Your Business Journey

Your startup just got funded, your marketing strategy is in place, and your sales team is ready to go. Or, you were just tasked with a reorganization of the sales and marketing departments. Or, maybe you’ve been promoted to manager, overseeing a team of 150 people spread across 4 locations and two continents...and you’ve discovered that your client database is just as scattered. What’s the common denominator in these scenarios?

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Why Customer-Centric Marketing Matters in 2019

Traditional marketing, what is starting to be called push marketing, doesn't care about the customer. It's focused on the company and the newest widget it want its customers to buy. Marketing has been all about what this new thing is and does...proving that it possesses all those features the other things can only dream about.

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What are Negative Keywords and Why Do They Matter?

When discussing keywords with most people, they will think of the words typed in a search query. Marketers know that then Google (or another search engine) will use those keywords to generate ads appropriate to people using those keywords. But, if you want to narrow the number of recipients of your ad, you can use negative keywords.

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What is CRM and Why Is It Important?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a term used to encompass a wide variety of activities that companies undertake to build, maintain, and nurture trusting relationships between themselves and their customers.

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