What is Negative SEO and Does it Matter?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is almost as old as the public internet. As soon as there were enough pages to require search engines, there were people trying to find ways to make their website come out on top of the search results pages. And as soon as Google came on the scene in the late ‘90s, all eyes turned to their incredibly powerful new generation of search algorithm to determine what tact to take....
Jesse April 08, 2020 4 minute read
An SEO Primer: Your Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
What do you think of when you read the words “meta description, alt text, indexing, and crawl?” If you didn’t say “SEO,” this post is for you.
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How To Organically Increase Traffic and Lead Conversions
SEO is a touchy subject. Like any aspect of the tech world, there are supporters, detractors, and those who say “Bah, who needs it!” Here at Aspiration Marketing, we’re firmly in the former camp, in that we see SEO as a key tool for any content marketing endeavor. Without a grounding in the fundamentals, there is simply no way your content will gain traction and bring you the organic traffic and conversions you’re looking for.
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Is SEO dead?
We know, that headline sounds a bit...drastic, right? But this exact question is being raised all around the internet these days, so we thought it prudent to give you our take on the situation. And while it may sound like the sort of question that warrants a simple Yes or No, the reality is that it’s actually quite a bit more complicated.
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SEO FAQs For Startups
What do you think of when you read the words “meta description, alt text, indexing, and crawl?” If you didn’t say “SEO,” this post is for you.
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What Are Inbound Links?
In the world of SEO and organic traffic generation, what Google says, goes. And two of their stated top 3 factors used in determining domain authority and ranking are quality content and inbound links.
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Is Content Pruning an Effective Strategy?
The short answer is, “Yes, under the right circumstances.”
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On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO: Techniques for Getting Good Pull
SEO is one of the most hotly debated (read, argued about) subjects in the online marketing realm. It’s something we’ve talked about here on the Aspiration Marketing blog, and it’s a topic I’m sure we’ll continue to cover in the years to come. That’s because it’s simply that important, and we want to be sure you have a solid understanding of the in’s, out’s, up’s, and down’s that make up modern SEO practices.
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9 Different Types of Landing Pages
The simple landing page, often maligned yet seemingly never truly understood. There are technically as many types of landing as there are reasons for their use. In an effort to clear up some of the mystery surrounding these powerful marketing tools, here’s a round-up of the top 9 varieties we see in use today. They’re ordered roughly from most to least common (at least in terms of effective use by digital marketers in our experience).
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12 SEO Myths That Don't Hold in 2020
Since the first time anyone used the term/acronym SEO (search engine optimization), there have been myths attached to most discussions of how to implement it effectively. Some of the more common myths are recent additions, some have been around a while, some are truly alive and kicking, and some are zombies that just don't give up the ghost.
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9 Fresh Ideas for Your Startup's Marketing Strategy
Digital marketing best practices are ever evolving. Our list of fresh ideas for your startup's marketing strategy includes some evergreen suggestions to apply as well as some cutting edge ideas. Integrate these where appropriate to ramp up your marketing efforts. 
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Startup Case Study: Who's Doing Blogging right?
When was the last time you checked your blog stats?
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12 Tips for Creating Evergreen Content in 2020
So just what is evergreen content? It's content that is always relevant to your readers, your brand, and your area of expertise. It has a long shelf life. It's shared regularly and does well in SERPs.
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Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO, Oh My!
In the simplest possible terms, social media marketing and SEO are both tools used within the broader marketing system that is inbound marketing. Once you move past that level, however, it gets a bit more complicated. Let’s start from the beginning.
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SEO and Your Startup's Website
Unless a member of your target audience has specifically heard of you, they won't be searching for you by brand name. The most common way they'll be looking is by using a search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) shouldn't simply be an afterthought, but it should be part of your startup business plan from day 1.
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Is Blogging Dead?
What’s the old saying, “news of my death has been greatly exaggerated?” We’re seeing the return of a perennial trend, the “blogging is dead, long live blogging!” trope. And this time, we decided to jump in.  A blog is a tool, and as with any tool, in any toolbelt, the key is to know when to pull out the hammer and when to go with a screwdriver.
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What Do I Do With Old, Outdated Content?
Should you remove old content from your website? Maybe. It depends on several factors. Ask yourself these questions as you identify content you feel could be deleted.
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19 Little Known SEO Hacks for Startups
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the practices that increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to your startup's website by way of organic search engine results. If you do SEO right, you attract visits from people who want or need to read your blog, or who have a question you can answer for them.
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SEO vs. PPC: When to pay and when to optimize?
SEO vs PPC—the debate rages on.
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