Hey Startups! Do These Three Things on Social Media

In the few short years since it burst on the scene, social media has become an integral part of life in the 21st-century. If you want your startup to truly thrive, it’s pretty much imperative to have a presence in this realm, but that opens up a whole line of questioning based on the single underlying question—Why? Further questions like “what channel should we be on?” and “how active do we need to be?” follow shortly after....
Jesse August 08, 2019 4 minute read
Is a Marketing Agency the Right Fit For Your Startup?
Startups have a lot going on. Everyone is multitasking, everyone is wearing multiple hats, and everyone is likely working more hours than they’ll admit to their families. Is marketing one of the arenas causing your startup team’s headaches?
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A Startup's Guide to Backlinks (And Why They Matter So Much!)
Remember last week, when you checked up on your site analytics and noticed a visit from a “referring site?” Upon further investigation, you determined that someone had mentioned your startup in an article about emerging technology and had included a link to one of your landing pages. Cool, huh?
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A Startup's Guide to SEO on a Budget
You understand the importance of SEO in reaching and converting new customers, but you really can't come up with any money to hire an agency to design your startup's SEO strategy and do the work required to get it all going. What can you do?
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24 Ideas for Great Social Media Content
Social media is, at heart, a relationship-building tool. But it can also be used to promote content. It's all about finding the balance between self-promotion, sharing useful information, and entertaining your readers.
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15 Habits of Well-Liked Industry Leaders
Being well-liked. It's something we all desire. And we can all think of people in our spheres whom everyone feels comfortable around and whom everyone wants to know better. These people are like magnets. How do they do it? When we break it down, it's because they've worked on and gotten really good at many, if not all of, the following 15 habits.
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How to Create the Best Content for SEO
Any rumors you may have heard about the death of SEO have been vastly overstated. What is true, however, is that the focus has shifted from provider to audience. That means instead of producing product pages, sales one-sheets, and other company-centric content, you need to pivot and create great content that's focused squarely on your target personas.
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Kickstart Your Startup Marketing With These 7 Growth Hacks
Your startup may literally be the best new thing since sliced bread, but if you can't market it, the world will not even be able to find the path to your door.
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Why Quality Case Studies Matter (And How to Create Them)
Humans love stories. We also happen to love data. And what do you get when you mix data with storytelling? For our purposes, a case study.
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How Data Leads to Creating Compelling Content
Content and data? Yep, content and data. Despite how these may seem—at first—to be at odds, data-driven research is a great way to further customize your content to your audience and drive your SEO straight through the roof. There are already a lot of articles out there on data-driven content. Many purport to give you “5 pieces of data you need to know…” before starting a content marketing campaign. While we absolutely support doing pre-campaign research, there is also a strong possibility of you falling into a data rabbit hole and being unable to extricate yourself.
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Dos and Don'ts for Marketing on Instagram
Instagram is the place to be for small businesses, new businesses, and startups of all persuasions. In other words, you should probably be on Instagram.
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Managing and Keeping Up With Your Email List
To get the best possible return on any email marketing you do, you have to have a system in place for managing your email list. You don't want to have such a bad deliverability rating that your email is declared spam by the email giants. And you don't want to simply waste your money on email campaigns that yield poor returns. So let's talk about what you need to do to have the most efficient email list.
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Unique Ways to Make Your Blog Post Standout
You know content matters. But the content marketing space keeps getting noisier and noisier which makes it harder and harder to be heard. 
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Intimidated by Using Video Marketing? Start Here.
Online videos are huge. There’s no other way to say it. People want to watch videos, and watch them they will. On Youtube and Vimeo, Netflix and Amazon Prime. And, importantly, people want to see videos from the brands they follow.
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The Benefits of Promoting Posts on Facebook (And How to Do It!)
It's human nature to look back in time, heave a sigh, and mumble about those good old days. You know, when it was relatively easy to get your message across on sites like Facebook and get noticed by potential customers.
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An Overview of Marketing on Facebook
Social media marketing. Kind of a daunting subject, huh? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Use guides like the ones we publish regularly and move incrementally, and in no time you’ll have your presence set up and be seeing returns on your efforts.
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What Makes A Landing Page Successful?
The humble landing page. Often neglected, this simple piece of content has the power to make or break a campaign. OK, that might be a bit hyperbolic; however, it is true that the inherent power of the landing page to entice readers to take action is often overlooked or mishandled. We’ve pulled together some best practices, tips, tricks, and generally good ideas to help you set up your own campaign landing pages for success.
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What Is Episodic Content Marketing?
A great example of the power of episodic marketing is a series of television ads that ran as thirteen 30-second spots from 1990 until mid-1997. The ads were for instant coffee, and they followed a relationship between neighbors that began with a borrowed cup of coffee. As the 13 ads played out, we wondered whether or not the woman would choose romance with the neighbor or get reinvolved with her ex. The strength of this kind of storytelling is exemplified by the fact that it has come to mind more than 25 years later in a discussion of episodic content marketing.
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The Importance of Maintaining Your CRM Database
Cool, you have your CRM in place, in fact it’s been up and running for some time now and is working like a champ. Your customer database is growing daily and your email newsletter has never had so much reach. Hurray!
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How to Launch a Startup and Avoid Burnout
Your startup is your life. We get it. You've lived it. Breathed it. And nurtured it as if it were a child. Now it's off the ground, and you're working hard to make it succeed. But a surefire way of doing just the opposite is by running yourself into the ground. Don't do that!
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Simple Ways to Enhance Customer Experience
The definition of customer experience is any contact a customer and an organization have throughout the course of their working relationship. Interactions can include everything from awareness, discovery, cultivation, and advocacy, through to purchase, service, and follow-up.
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Examples of SMART Goals: For Business, Marketing, and SEO
Business, marketing, SEO. What do they have in common? Goals.
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