What Is SEO? (And How To Be Good At It!)

SEO. Three little letters that strike fear in the hearts of marketers everywhere. And yet it seems everybody from the CIO to the head of operations these days is claiming to “do SEO,” so we wanted to take a moment to clear a few things up....
Jesse April 18, 2019 5 minute read
What Makes a Good Blog Headline (And How to Write One!)
See how we did that? No? Well, read on and we’ll tell you what it was about that headline that made you want to click through to read this article.
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How to Start a Blog From the Ground Up
The boss says it’s time to get a company blog up and running. Someone introduced them to the idea of inbound marketing and they’re all in. The ball’s in your court, so...now what?
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A Dictionary of Inbound Marketing Terms for Startups
Getting a startup off the ground takes a leap of faith. Often this is a leap off the ground and over edge of a cliff…a really, really high cliff. With this leap comes a whole new world...and a whole new set of words.
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Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Strategy
You do have a content marketing strategy, don’t you? If you can’t remember, or if you’re pretty sure but can’t remember the log in for your company’s Facebook account to check, it’s time to get to work.
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How to Transition to Global Marketing
Ready to go global? No, seriously, are you ready? There’s a lot to think about and take into consideration before making a move like this, are you sure you haven’t missed something?
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Inbound Marketing and Tips For Maximizing Lead Generation
Imagine you’re browsing a news website, getting caught up on the daily rundown of today’s headlines. You’ve just clicked on an article that piqued your interest. Then, all of a sudden you’re rudely interrupted with a pop up video ad. For the the next 20 seconds you’ll be highly annoyed and anxiously awaiting for the ad to disappear. We’ve all been there. Chances are you may be swearing off that company because of their invasive ad and promising to never give them your business. This strategy of advertising as an attempt to generate leads goes against inbound marketing’s method to attract leads in the least invasive way.
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What Is Inbound Marketing?
The marketing universe is fluid and dynamic, with new tactics and techniques sprouting up all the time, only to be overtaken by other new ideas in short order. Some of these newcomers don’t have staying power, seeming to appear and disappear simultaneously. Others stick and gain a solid foothold in the marketing realm.
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8 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates
Landing pages. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all know they’re key to any solid content marketing campaign. This holds especially true when it comes to conversions. That said, if you have a nagging feeling your landing pages could be doing more for your conversion rate, you may be right. Try some of the following 8 tactics to kick your landing pages into high gear and get them producing the conversions you know they’re capable
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How To Promote Your Blog In Four Easy Steps
You’ve created, or revived, your blog. Good on ya! Erm...now what?
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Can You Use Inbound Marketing in a Niche Market?
As businesses dig into their options surrounding marketing strategy, there is often some question surrounding “who” can really benefit from inbound marketing. To be blunt, the short answer to this question is "everyone."
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Marketing Your Startup: Avoid These 8 Mistakes
You’ve just launched your marketing department for your shiny new startup, and at this point it consists of yourself, a developer who also writes, and someone from admin. This is a recipe for potential marketing nightmares, right? Not necessarily.
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How to Market on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is by no means a new social media platform. In many ways, it’s not even really a social media platform in the sense that Twitter, Instagram, etc. are. That means marketing here is just a bit...different.
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Myths of Influencer Marketing
When you hear the word "influencer", what comes to mind? Maybe it's a celebrity, seen on Instagram flaunting the newest gadget or product. Or perhaps to you, an influencer isn't someone who is showing off a product to their followers, but rather is someone who is influencing a certain kind of lifestyle. But what if we said that a so-called influencer could actually be a marketing strategy proven to be effective, whether celebrity or not and regardless of how many followers they have?
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Building a Successful Marketing Strategy: Startup Edition
Your startup is off the ground and flying—congratulations! Now, time to focus some time and energy on your marketing efforts. What? You don’t have any budget left for marketing campaigns? Hmm, OK, don’t worry, there’s still plenty you can do to start marketing your amazing new widget beyond your initial investors.
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Opportunities for Better A/B Split Tests
Any marketer who’s been around for a while will tell you that the classic A/B test is an invaluable part of any outbound marketing campaign. What they might not mention is that this simple testing method can also be invaluable to your inbound strategy as well.
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Characteristics of Highly Successful Blog Posts
You may have read that the blog is dead. We beg to differ, in fact we would go so far as to say that the blog is back in a big, big way. Read on for information on how to turn your company blog into a passive source of clients and revenue.
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Why Software Providers Should Educate Consumers
Software providers have the potential to offer a great deal of value to their consumers. Whether it's optimizing recruitment processes, implementing the use of artificial intelligence, or creating a useful customer relationship management tool, software fills gaps to create efficiency and make the day-to-day workload much more productive for clients. Although software providers know the benefits to the product they're producing, they also need to show potential consumers what they're missing out on. By engaging, educating, and developing trust with potential consumers, you can create lasting relationship that increase your success and make for delighted customers. 
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5 Content Marketing Trends for 2019
With the dawn of each new year, marketers are finding new ways to better attract and engage with current and potential consumers. Staying up to date on what’s new and next helps you make sure that your strategies are current and as effective as they can be. As we look to the year ahead in 2019, we are already seeing some trends when it comes to content marketing. In a previous blog we took a deep dive into content marketing and how it’s all about attracting and engaging with your potential consumers by educating them with high quality content. It’s an organic way to build rapport and trust because you’re not selling, but rather solving a problem that will hopefully end in a delighted customer. Content marketing has evolved since its inception, and with innovative technology and new channels for communication, we don’t see that evolution slowing any time soon. Although the new year has just begun, we’re already seeing what’s new and next, including 5 trends for content marketing in 2019.  Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is being used more and more by nearly all businesses, whether you know it or not. It serves as an opportunity to not only meet your company’s bottom line, but it also allows you to more efficiently allocate your time. For instance, chatbots used to be seen in a negative light whenever they’d pop up on a website. Well, not anymore. Chat bots have come a long way from the first ever bot called ELIZA in 1966. Created by Joseph Weizenbaum, the chatbot laid the fundamentals for future innovations by using preprogrammed responses, phrases, and keywords (though it didn't pass the Turing Test, i.e. the test of users believing they were interacting with an actual person). Fast-forward a few decades and AI interfaces like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are becoming more mainstream. Chatbots are now widely used on websites because they allow businesses to have more conversations with website visitors and interact like never before with sophisticated conversations that sounds much more real than previous efforts.  
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5 Signs Inbound Marketing Might Work for You
As consumers continually change the way in which they make purchases, how do businesses know how to keep up and be seen? It’s marketing’s job to have their finger on the pulse and be knowledgeable about consumer behavior, which means it’s good practice to check in on the strategies you have in place to see what’s going well, what’s not working, and where there may be some opportunities to improve. Whether your business has been around for a couple years or it’s just starting up, inbound marketing can serve as a significant piece of your puzzle as you attract, engage, and delight your consumers. It lays a significant and solid foundation for how you do business and interact with potential consumers.  Without inbound marketing, you’re probably using outdated strategies to attract leads and make conversions. Building awareness and trust is fundamental to inbound. Just think, if you’re a B2C company that’s using billboard advertising and direct mail to get the word out about your business, you’re really missing out on building a relationship with your consumer. Chances are that people who get the mailing or see your advertisement don’t give a second thought to doing business with you because they’re missing the why. Being able to demonstrate value and educate the consumer is what inbound marketing relies on to create success and keep consumers engaged. If you haven’t begun using inbound marketing and aren’t happy with the results your current marketing strategy is providing, here are 5 signs that inbound might work for you. 1. Poor SEO       
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5 SEO Myths: Debunked
Think of the last time you had a question or were looking to make a purchase. What did you do first? Chances are that you’re in the group of 62% of people who turn to consult with a search engine  before making a purchasing decisions (HubSpot, 2016). Businesses know that their ideal consumers are using Google as a resource, and that the goal is to figure out how to cut through all of the noise and really get people's attention. You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization, or SEO, and you intuitively understand the importance of ensuring you have a good SEO strategy in place. But how does SEO really work, and what does it mean for modern businesses?
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The ABC's of Artificial Intelligence, Part Two
We tend to think of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of tangible technologies, like robots or even Watson. But most AI-powered technology actually exists in a much more abstract form, in the form of algorithms. And that technology is incredibly important for marketers who wish to stay at the forefront of the industry.
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