The Buyer's Journey and What it Means for B2B Marketing

Even if you work in sales or marketing, it’s likely that you’re being sold or marketed to more often then you’re selling to others. Whether it’s targeted advertising on your most-frequented websites, or in-person sales pitches at your local stores, you’re almost constantly being asked to consider a panoply of different products and services. Now, let's imagine that in the middle of an in-person sales pitch, the sal...
Brian October 31, 2018 3 minute read
Stop Making These Five Blogging Mistakes
As an inbound marketing tool, your company’s blog is one of its most valuable resources. Not only does it often serve as a prospective client’s initial touch-point with your brand, but your blog can also go a long way in expressing your company’s mission, style, and accomplishments. Are you maximizing this aspect of your marketing platform? Or do you find yourself making the following blogging ...
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